"I had such an incredible experience with Stacie as my doula. From the first time we met to discuss my wants and needs, I knew that she truly wanted the best for me. She was going to do everything she could in order for my birth plan to go accordingly. She was supportive of my ideas and helpful during my pregnancy with answering my questions. My labor and delivery was everything I ever imagined, and a lot of that had do with with Stacie. She was my advocate during labor, dealing with nurses and getting different items to help with labor so I could stay focused. I felt comfortable with Stacie in the delivery room because of her calm and soothing personality. She is an amazing doula and I would recommend her 100%."


-Andrea (gave birth to 3rd child, unmedicated)

"Stacie was very helpful in creating the best experience for my wife and helping her accomplish her goal of having our baby unmedicated. She also did a great job of helping me know what to do and suggesting different techniques I could use to ease my wife's pain. She allowed us our space and respectively stepped in when we needed extra assistance. She was great!"


-Eric (father)

"I was lucky enough to have Stacie as my doula at [the hospital] during the birth of my second child.  She was so amazing, and I don't know how I would have gotten through my labor without her! She is the kindest, gentlest spirit.  I almost feel like she was sent by God to help me achieve my dream of a natural birth.  She knew all the right things to do, where to put pressure during labor, and how to move me to get me more comfortable.  She has a lot of knowledge and knows what she's doing! I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to have a memorable, positive birth experience!"


-Erika (gave birth to 2nd child, unmedicated) 

"My family moved a few months before I was due and we were so grateful and relieved to have found Stacie to be our new doula. At our very first appointment with her we loved that she radiated optimism. We instantly felt calm. Leading up to the birth she always made herself available to answer my questions and calm my concerns--she has a real gift of encouragement. For the birth, her support was invaluable. She really kept me focused and completely calm and I had an amazing, unmedicated birth with my birth preferences respected. She is very knowledgeable, experienced, and gifted. Truly gifted. I am so excited to have her has my doula for future births and highly recommend her to anyone!"

-Katelyn (gave birth to 3rd child, unmedicated)

"Stacie was an awesome doula! She was very knowledgeable and very thorough in helping us feel prepared for the birth. She also helped us feel safe during the labor & delivery. Having her there was like having a safety net -- someone who could help us remember the little things (because let's be honest, once that water breaks, all your knowledge and preparedness goes out the window and your head starts spinning. At least that's how it was for me, and I had already done this twice before!). We highly recommend her to anyone looking for doula services. Even if you have been on the fence about whether or not to get a doula, hire her! You won't regret it. - Signed, a 3rd-time father who feels like a little bit less of a noob if he has a good doula around when things get crazy."

-Dalton (father)

"Stacie was exactly what we needed for our birth center birth. She took the time to hear all of my desires and hopes for this birth and helped to make it all happen! She is also trained as a hypnobirth Curtis method doula and that was huge for us as this was exactly the kind of birth I wanted to have. I couldn't have had such a calm, peaceful, pain free birth without Stacie!"

-Jade (gave birth to 2nd child, unmedicated)

"I joke with Stacie that I would have more children just so that she could be my doula again. She has the gift of healing and empathy and uses those gifts so fluidly in her doula practice. She was intuitive, gentle, and respectful during every portion of the birthing process. I always felt like she had my comfort and best interests at heart. Her positivity and warmth made this the best birth I've had yet. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone--she is a gem!"

-Krisanne (gave birth to 3rd child, unmedicated)


Photographer: Frany Potter

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