• 1 complementary, pressure free, consultation (30 minutes)

  • 2 prenatal visits (birth preferences, labor management techniques, etc.) (60-90 minutes each)

  • Phone/text/email visits through pregnancy, including after health care provider appointments

  • Resource books for mother/partner, on loan from my collection (see 'Reading')

  • “On Call” two weeks prior to mother’s due date, through baby's birth

  • If baby comes before 38 weeks, every attempt will be made to still attend birth or send back-up

  • Back-up doula availability (if necessary, due to emergency or Doula illness)

  • Constant (non-medical) support through labor, delivery, and initial postpartum hours

  • Emotional, physical, and educational support, nurturing, and encouragement

  • Massage, counter pressure, rebozo, and breathing techniques

  • Assistance with mobility and optimal labor positions

  • Guided meditation, relaxation, hypno scripts (I am a trained Curtis Method Hypnodoula)

  • Assistance with hydrotherapy, birth/peanut ball, squat bar, etc.

  • Play music and/or positive affirmations (mother may provide, or use Doula's playlists)

  • Assist and guide partner to enhance his/her involvement

  • Breastfeeding assistance during postpartum hours and postpartum home visit

  • 1 postpartum visit (address mother's needs, process and discuss birth experience)


  • A Mother Blessing celebration: $75 (see 'Mother Blessing' page)

  • Additional prenatal visits: $50 (60-90 minute visit, beyond those included in Basic Doula Package)

  • Labor/Birth Services beyond 24 hours: $100 additional (due by the postpartum home visit)

  • Repeat clients may choose to have one prenatal visit only, and take a $100 discount


  • To reserve your due date and retain me as your Doula, you must pay an initial retainer of $400 AND sign the Service Agreement & Liability Release. Until I have these two things, I am in no way obligated to hold your due date and may commit to other clients.

  • The second payment of $400 is due by your 36th week of pregnancy. If you wish, you may pay by check and I will withhold deposit until after your baby’s birth. If you choose this option, the second prenatal visit is a good time to present the check, as it occurs sometime between 34-37 weeks. Remember, I will not attend your birth if I have not received payment in full.

  • If the Mother Blessing celebration is chosen, the event will be planned at one of the prenatal visits, and payment for event will be due at the 2nd prenatal. The event will take place between 37-38 weeks. Guests will receive invitations two weeks before the event.

  • You may choose when you would like your postpartum home visit. Generally, this visit occurs a week or two after the baby’s birth, after baby has been to visit their medical care provider.

  • Payments can be made by check, cash, or credit/debit card. I will email payment links through ‘Square’ and I also have a card reader on my phone. Checks should be written to ‘Labor Your Way’. 

Photographer: Frany Potter

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